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Happy days are here again! With this positive note, I wish all our readers a bright New Year full of joy and happiness.

I was enthused, fi lled with zing, when I got an opportunity to converse with dynamic architects Seema Puri and Zarir Mullan, while doing the cover story for this issue.“The more you are willing to experiment with work and accept new challenges, keep questioning yourself, the better your results tend to be. Versatility always helps to keep your mind focused, alert and alive,” these thought provoking words by Seema will definitely help one to do better in life. Thank you Seema for such inspiration.

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A design, be it architecture, interior design or landscape, blended perfectly to melt the barriers between the interior and the exterior space; will attract attention and certainly etch itself in people’s recollection. This belief has been a constant driving force behind the husband-wife architectural team of Seema Puri and Zarir Mullan. To them architecture is just a means of expressing their inner creative self, mirroring their client’s personality and character.

Ar. Seema Puri and Ar. Zarir Mullan, both alumni of Rachana Sansad’s Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, completed their G.D. Arch in 1991; they both have gone their own separate ways and accumulated a wealth of experience under their belt, before settling in their individual practice.TOP




Global Eye travels to Canada and Poland to fi nd fun and inspiring designs. “Design is like story telling, you can add as many characters as you like but the climax can bring closure to the story or it can be a start of a new phase.”

We as professional designers work within the boundary set by our seniors or the commercial society. These are set rules which are created for a smooth running of any profession. But what happens when a designer decides to let his/her imagination run outside these set of rules? The result can be either disastrous or it can be entertaining, something that gives pleasure to the eye or brings a smile to our face.TOP



"Beyond Innovation"

Headed by Ar. Sandip Porecha, a graduate from the academy of architecture, the creative team of Design Aspect have catered to versatile projects including corporate offi ces, showrooms, hospitality and residences; with a vision of crafting innovative designs.

Connecting to cosmos
Ar. Sandip Porecha and his design team takes pride in designing an abode with modern facilities and ethnic look at Kandivli for a hard core religious family. The client requirement revolved around designing a space, keeping in mind the religious gatherings held at their house.



"Tropical Leaf House"

Imagine a house, surrounded by a beach with crystal clear blue water. Such an imagination will defi nitely evoke a sense of tranquillity, romance and ecstasy in our busy mind sets; Design Matrix takes you to a gorgeous Brazilian leaf house, a sustainable home.

Mareines Patalano, an architecture and urbanism practice headed by Ivo Mareines and Rafael Patalano are known for creating an organic new response to every design. These brainy designers and their witty team, moulded an extravagant piece of design – Leaf House with sustainable ideas at Angra dos Reis, one hour drive south of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



"MODERN - yet traditional"

Design Chords, a Pune based multidisciplinary design fi rm established in 2006 by young designers Ojas Bhalgat and Vijay Kharade is known for creating contemporary designs within the Indian context, while at the same time striving to maintain a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

With great level of expertise, Design Chords off ers a comprehensive range of interior and architecture design, furnishing solutions for residential and commercial spaces. The designers Ojas and Vijay with sensitivity, sensibility and creativity, recently designed a bungalow with an area of 2850 sq.ft for the Mehta family at Sangli, Maharashtra.



"Endless Stair - at London Design Festival 2013"

The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), the leading international trade association for the American hardwood industry, highlighted the beauty and versatility of American tulipwood through the ‘Endless Stair’ at the London Design Festival 2013.

Endless Stair, a towering structure of 15 Escher-like interlocking staircases made from American tulipwood cross-laminated timber (CLT), was opened to the public on the lawn, in front of the Tate Modern Art Gallery; recently by the hands of Matthew Barzun, U.S. Ambassador. Designed by de Rijke Marsh Morgan Architects (dRMM) and engineered by Arup, Endless Stair is both a sculpture and research project, advancing the knowledge of timber technology and sustainability. Off ering visitors the opportunity to enjoy stunning views of the River Thames and London’s skyline, the landmark project remained a highlight throughout this year’s festival.



"Stirring Shamiana Grace"

Over the years, one must have come across hundreds (if not thousands) of graceful constructions. But this is the fi rst ever fusion, where the best of west has been married to classical Indian luxury – so gracefully, that too in totally environment friendly concept. It just takes your breath away! If anything, do believe in - Seeing is Believing!.

Pentaspace Consultants Pvt. Ltd., has grown to a 25-member strong team of architects and interior designers, since its inception in 2007. It is located in the heart of the central suburb of Sion, with an easy access to, and from the rest of the Mumbai. The team is ruled by the quadrilateral force of Potes & Sanghavis, viz - Ar. Bhakti + Ar. Arshad Pote & Ar. Pragya + Ar. Gaurav Sanghavi.


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